Horizon Europe Evaluation Service

If you have already started to write your Horizon Europe research proposal, we will evaluate it in accordance with the new EC Evaluation Criteria. Our team of technical experts are experienced EU evaluators across a wide range of research disciplines. This evaluation, prior to submission, could prove critical in gaining those vital extra marks, increasing your chances of being funded. We evaluate under the three Pillars of Horizon Europe: Pillar 1 Excellent Science, Pillar 2 Global Challenges, and Pillar 3 European Industrial Competitiveness and Innovative Europe, as well as for the Widening Participation and Strengthening the European Research Area (ERA) programmes.

Research proposals are normally submitted to the EC in the English language. It is important to communicate your research ideas clearly, to both a technical and non-technical audience. Our proofreading and editing service will help to correct any errors in the document, improve the layout, and ensure that the writing style is consistent, and that the writing ‘flows’.

Our Horizon Europe Evaluation Packages

Package A

One Evaluation

Package B

Two Evaluations

Package C

Three Evaluations

  • Package A: One-stage evaluation.

    This involves one evaluation of the research proposal at any stage of its development pre-submission to the funding body. The evaluation is conducted by an experienced EC evaluator.

  • Package B: Two-stage evaluation.

    This involves two evaluations of the research proposal at any stage of its development pre-submission to the funding body. A second evaluation is conducted on a later version of the proposal, followed by the second evaluation report with recommendations for revisions.

  • Package C: Three-stage evaluation.

    This comprehensive evaluation service includes all of the services in the two-stage evaluation above, with one additional evaluation cycle. This is normally availed of by clients who require an evaluation service at the early, mid and final stages of the proposal development.

The evaluation involves: a forensic review of the proposal, using tracked changes and comments; an evaluation summary report according to the EC Criteria; and an online discussion (usually 2-4 hours) with the Coordinator after the review.