With  an  investment  of €1.3  billion,  the H2020  Societal  Challenge  2  (SC2)  Work  Programme  for 2018-2020 responds to some of the key challenges our planet is facing for the years to come: adapting  to  and  mitigating  climate  change;  ensuring  food  security;  safeguarding  the  natural resource base, promoting alternatives to fossil-based economies and sustainably using marine resources while protecting the oceans. Agriculture and food systems, forestry, the marine and the bio-based sectors are at the very heart of the challenges to be addressed. SC2  Work  Programme  focuses  on  the  sustainable  management  of  land  and  waters  to  secure healthy food as well as on the delivery of public goods such as biodiversity and clean water. Furthermore, it supports innovative food and marine industries, the bioeconomy and dynamic rural areas.

In this blog we will focus on Blue GrowthRural Renaissance and Sustainable Food  Security.

1. Blue Growth

There are 6 forthcoming Call Topics.

The  Blue  Growth  Call  aims  at  sustainably  harvesting  the  potential  of  resources  from  seas, oceans  and  inland  waters  for  different  uses  and  across  the  range  of  marine  and  maritime industries,   while   protecting   biodiversity   and   enhancing   climate   resilience.   It   supports sustainable  growth in the marine  and maritime sectors through  a responsible management of marine resources for healthy, productive, safe, secure and resilient seas and oceans, which are essential  for  thriving  ecosystems,  climate  regulation,  global  food security,  human  health, livelihoods and economies.

BG-05-2019: Multi-use of the marine space, offshore and near-shore: pilot demonstrators

BG-07-2019-2020: The Future of Seas and Oceans Flagship Initiative

BG-08-2018-2019: All Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance Flagship

CE-BG-06-2019: Sustainable solutions for bio-based plastics on land and sea

DT-BG-04-2018-2019: Sustainable European aquaculture 4.0: nutrition and breeding

LC-BG-09-2019: Coordination of marine and maritime research and innovation in the Black Sea

2. Rural Renaissance

There are 7 forthcoming Call Topics.

The Rural Renaissance Call will enhance the natural, social, cultural and economic potential of rural area and support policy coherence.  It will boost economic development, ecosystem services and entrepreneurial innovation.  This  will  be  achieved  by  building  on  diversification and modernisation strategies, improving  governance models, supporting innovative food and non-food value  chains,  and  capitalising  on  local  assets,  including  human  natural  and cultural capital.

CE-RUR-08-2018-2019-2020: Closing nutrient cycles

CE-RUR-10-2019: Circular bio-based business models for rural communities

LC-RUR-11-2019-2020: Sustainable wood value chains

RUR-01-2018-2019: Building modern rural policies on long-term visions and societal engagement

RUR-04-2018-2019: Analytical tools and models to support policies related to agriculture and food

RUR-15-2018-2019-2020: Thematic networks compiling knowledge ready for practice

RUR-16-2019: Fuelling the potential of advisors for innovation

3. Sustainable Food Security

There are 19 forthcoming Call Topics. 

The  Sustainable  Food  Security  Call  is  Horizon  2020’s  main  contribution  to  research and innovation in relation to Food and Nutrition Security in Europe and beyond. Its commitment to  sustainability  implies  that  particular  attention  is  given  to  the  interfaces  between  the economic,  environmental  and  social  dimensions  of  food  production.  The call  advocates  for food system approaches to tackle the inherent links between ecosystems, food production, the food chain and consumer health and wellbeing.

CE-SFS-24-2019: Innovative and citizen-driven food system approaches in cities

CE-SFS-39-2019: High-quality organic fertilisers from biogas digestate

DT-SFS-26-2019: Food Cloud demonstrators

LC-SFS-17-2019: Alternative proteins for food and feed

LC-SFS-19-2018-2019: Climate-smart and resilient farming

LC-SFS-20-2019: European Joint Programme on agricultural soil management

LC-SFS-34-2019: Food Systems Africa

SFS-01-2018-2019-2020: Biodiversity in action: across farmland and the value chain

SFS-04-2019-2020: Integrated health approaches and alternatives to pesticide use

SFS-05-2018-2019-2020: New and emerging risks to plant health

SFS-08-2018-2019: Improving animal welfare

SFS-11-2018-2019: Anti-microbials and animal production

SFS-12-2019: A vaccine against African swine fever

SFS-23-2019: Integrated water management in small agricultural catchments

SFS-28-2018-2019-2020: Genetic resources and pre-breeding communities

SFS-30-2018-2019-2020: Agri-Aqua Labs

SFS-31-2019: ERANETs in agri-food

SFS-35-2019-2020: Sustainable Intensification in Africa

SFS-37-2019: Integrated approaches to food safety controls across the food chain

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