H2020 Grant Writing Services

The process of developing a research proposal can be complex. H2020 grant writing involves many different stages from start to finish all within very strict time-frames, meaning it can be overwhelming.

We offer a number of H2020 grant writing and management services during the proposal development phase, they are:

  • Monitoring the funding sources to identify suitable Programmes or Topics

  • Developing the proposal concept and work plan

  • Arranging meetings with relevant EC personnel to discuss your research idea

  • Planning the proposal preparation phase and allocate writing tasks to partners

  • Planning and attend consortium meetings

  • Co-ordinating the proposal preparation activities between the partners

  • Managing document editing and revisions

  • Assisting with writing the ‘Implementation’ and ‘Impact’ sections

  • Assisting with charts and diagrams (e.g. Gantt Charts, PERT Charts, Organisational Charts, Milestones and Deliverables Tables, and Work Package Tables)

  • Creating a budget based on expenditure proposals

  • Assisting with all EPSS tasks including partner registration and partner profiles

  • Reading and evaluate the proposal as it is being prepared and make recommendations

  • Assisting the Project Coordinator in ensuring a timely submission of the final proposal

General H2020 FAQ

Horizon 2020 is the funding programme for research and innovation of the European Union. Any type of organisation from both the private and the public sector is eligible for funding, provided that they perform research or develop innovative products or services. To a lesser extent, Horizon 2020 also funds coordination and support actions that concern topics such as dissemination or support to researchers.

Horizon 2020 funding is awarded based on calls for project proposals, which are published on the Participant’s Portal. The calls for proposals define the thematic areas for which funding is available and provide all criteria that need to be respected. They also include information on the total amount of budget available and the deadline for submitting a call. This deadline has to be respected to the minute – proposals that are submitted too late will not be taken into account.

Information on upcoming Horizon 2020 calls can be found on the Horizon 2020 website.

To prepare a Horizon 2020 project proposal submission, first login to the ECAS portal. Then, locate the call you are interested in under ‘Funding Opportunities’. Select the opportunity, and click the button ‘Start Submission’ to download proposal templates and prepare the required documentation.